Saturday, April 24, 2010

i don't really blog much but i thought i would use this site for a start.
to be honest, i am not a very exciting person. my life is rather slow at the moment. i am still slowly trying to figure myself out and what i want to do.
i only sign up to these sites because it gives me something to rant on, or just talk about everyday life.
well for starters, i finished high school last year and i recently just turned eighteen.
i thought being eighteen wouldn't be that spectacular, but honestly it really is. i finally ventured out last friday with some family and friends, and i met some truly wonderful people. plus i got to see what the nightlife atmosphere is like. and boy oh boy, it can be quite interesting and amusing.
but other than that, i really did enjoy myself.
being eighteen actually turned out pretty dandy, i will probably depise it though when it comes time to vote. ohwell.